Mohammad-Reza Shajarian

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Mohammad-Reza Shajarian (Persian: محمدرضا شجريان; Persian pronunciation: [mohæmːæd ɾeˈzɒː ʃædʒæɾiˈɒːn], 23 September 1940 – 8 October 2020)[1] was an Iranian classical singer-songwriter, composer and calligrapher. He was a Master (master) of Persian traditional music.[2][3][4] His best known single was "Night, Silence, Desert" (2000).

In 2017, Los Angeles Times called him as the "greatest living maestro of Persian classical music." He was born in Mashhad, Iran.

He supported the 2009 protests in Iran and was a critic of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

In 2001, Shajarian was diagnosed with kidney cancer.[5] In January 2020, he was hospitalized in Tehran and had surgery.[6]

Shajarian died on 8 October 2020 in Tehran at the age of 80.[7]

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