Mohammad Amir Ahmed Khan

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Amir Ahmed Khan, Raja Sahib of Mahmudabad (5 November 1914 – 14 October 1973) was a prominent politician and leader of the All India Muslim League, during the Pakistan Movement.[1] He was against the partition of India. When the Muslim League passed the resolution at Lahore for a separate Pakistan, he stood against it and formed All India Jamhur Muslim League to counter the move. The first session of this party was held at Muzaffarpur, Bihar. Raja Saheb was elected its President and Dr. Maghfoor Ahmad Ajazi as General Secretary.[2] Later on he changed his mind under the influence of Muhammad Ali Jinnah and supported the idea of a separate Muslim state.[3] He said that "...the idea of a separate Muslim state in India [sic] stirred the imagination of the Muslims as nothing else had done before."[3] Khan migrated to Pakistan. He did not like the political turmoil in Pakistan, so he moved to Iraq and finally to England.[1] He was Director of the Islamic Cultural Centre in London.[1] He died in London in 1973. Later on his descendants went back to live in India.

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