Mohammed Nadir Shah

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Muhammad Nadir Shah
محمد نادر شاه
King of the God granted Kingdom of Afghanistan and its dependencies[1]
King of Afghanistan
Reign16 October 1929 – 8 November 1933
PredecessorHabibullah Kalakāni
SuccessorMuhammad Zahir Shah
Born9 April 1883
Dehra Dun, British India
Died8 November 1933(1933-11-08) (aged 50)
Kabul, Afghanistan
King Nadir Shah Mausoleum
SpouseMah Parwar Begum
FatherMohammad Yusuf Khan
MotherSharaf Sultana Hukumat Begum
ReligionSunni Islam

Muhammad Nadir Shah (Pashto: محمد نادر شاه, Persian: محمد نادر شاه – born Muhammad Nadir Khan; 9 April 1883 – 8 November 1933) was King of Afghanistan from 15 October 1929 until his assassination in November 1933. Previously, he served as Minister of War, Afghan Ambassador to France, and as a general in the military of Afghanistan. He and his son Muhammad Zahir Shah, who succeeded him, are part of the Musahiban.

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