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Caricocha in the Mojanda caldera. On the opposite side of lake, the páramo has been burned away to promote new growth for cattle grazing.
Highest point
Elevation4,263 m (13,986 ft)
Coordinates0°08′N 78°16′W / 0.13°N 78.27°W / 0.13; -78.27Coordinates: 0°08′N 78°16′W / 0.13°N 78.27°W / 0.13; -78.27
LocationBetween Imbabura Province and Pichincha Province, Ecuador
Parent rangeAndes
Mountain typeInactive stratovolcano
Last eruptionMiddle Pleistocene

Mojanda is an inactive stratovolcano of the Eastern Cordillera of the Andes in northern Ecuador. It has three crater lakes: Karikucha (the largest), Yanakucha, and Warmikucha.[1]

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