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Mok-dong is a district in Yangcheongu, Seoul. It is in the northern west part of Yangcheon District and shares borders with Yeongdeungpo District Yanpyeongdong on its east, Shinjeongdong on its north, and Yeomchangdong on its southern north. As a typical agricultural areas in the past, it was made of small communities. In the 1970s, it started to develop as a large scale housing area. After the 1960s and 1970s, there used to be ghettos around the Anyangcheon bank formed by people who were dispossessed of their belongings and those who had moved there from rural areas, but the spots disappeared since the new town layout. The Mok-dong new town layout was announced in 1983, and completed in 1988.

Mok-dong is famous for being the number two private education center after Gangnam. Subway stations Omokgyo line five and ShinMokdong line nine are located there. Major facilities of the district include Mokdong Stadium, Anyangcheon, Yongwang mountain park, the Christian broadcasting station, SBS, and the Paris Park.

Mokdong Ice Rink[change | change source]

The rink opened on December 1, 1989. It is 30x61m, which is the international ice rink standard on its ground and basement floors. On the second floor there are 5,000 audience seats. Around the ground floor rink there are 10 skater waiting rooms, a restaurant with room for 200, 2 snack bars, changing rooms, training rooms, 2 skating equipment stores, and one ice hockey equipment store. Opening hours are from 14:00 to 18:00 Mondays through Saturdays and 12:00 to 18:00 on Sundays and national holidays.

Anyangcheon (Anyang stream)[change | change source]

The stream rises from Anyang temple in the Samseong mountain, hence the name Anyangcheon. A stream with its source in the Samseong mountain (三聖山), Hakeu stream (鶴儀川) from the Baekun mountain (白雲山), and Sanbon stream from (山本川) from Gunpo join together in Seoksudong, Anyang and flow northward. The stream passes Gwangmyeong and Geumcehon, Guro, and Yeongdeungpo disctricts of Seoul and flow into Han River passing from the western side of Seongsan bridge.

Yongwangsan Park[change | change source]

The park was selected as the first park of Mokdong in August 1971, in a announcement by the Minister of Construction. It was developed into a city park from 1989. The park is on a hill and enjoyed by residents as a place to relax. It offers 3 types of walking courses, 2 pavilions, 28 chairs, 3 entertainment equipment. Activity facilities include 4 badminton courts, 24 gyms and 2 drinking fountains. 120 thousand visits are made per year.

Ewha Women's University Mok-dong Hospital[change | change source]

Mok-dong hospital is a patient-oriented hospital and provides specialized treatment of illness through a comprehensive medical testing center, medical emergency center, cardiovascular center, hematinic cell transplant center, and a cerebral nerve center for better medical quality and service improvement. The hospital also runs a breast center, obesity clinic, and a female urology clinic for the treatment of women.