Momoko Sakura

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Momoko Sakura (さくら ももこ, Sakura Momoko) (8 May 1965 – 15 August 2018) was a Japanese cartoonist, essayist, songwriter, and screenwriter. Sakura is famous for writing the manga series Chibi Maruko-chan in which the protagonist has the same name as her, and in which the story is based on her childhood.

Sakura was born in Shimizu City in the Shizuoka prefecture of Japan.

Over the years the Chibi Maruko-chan book series has gotten a lot of success. More than 30 million copies were sold. Sakura was also a very popular author, as she had a very unique viewpoint and narrative in her stories, especially in the stories Momokanzume, Saru no Koshikake and Tai no Okashira which have sold over a million copies.