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Monción is located in Dominican Republic
Coordinates: 19°26′N 71°10′W / 19.433°N 71.167°W / 19.433; -71.167Coordinates: 19°26′N 71°10′W / 19.433°N 71.167°W / 19.433; -71.167
Country  Dominican Republic
Province Santiago Rodríguez
Municipality since
 • Total 142.59 km2 (55.05 sq mi)
Elevation[2] 364 m (1,194 ft)
Population (2010)[3]
 • Total 11,753
 • Density 82/km2 (210/sq mi)
 • Urban 7,936
Demonym(s) Moncionero
(female, moncionera)
Time zone AST (UTC-4)
 • Summer (DST) AST (UTC-4)
Distance 36 km (22 mi) to Sabaneta

Monción is a city and municipality of the Santiago Rodríguez province, in northwestern Dominican Republic. Its old name was Guaraguanó, a Taíno name that many people still use.

Population[change | change source]

The municipality had, in 2010, a total population of 11,753: 6,069 men and 5,684 women; its population density was 82 persons/km². The urban population was 67.52% of the total population.[3]

History[change | change source]

The town was founded by people that came to look for gold in the Mao river and other rivers of the region. Later, some families came to live here to cut the many trees, mainly pines, that there were around the town.

On 9 April 1884, it was created the Puesto Cantonal de Guaraguanó in the Monte Cristi province. "Puesto Cantonal" was similar to a municipality; in English, "County (Military) Post". On 23 March 1898, the name of Guaraguanó was changed to the present name, Monción, in honor of Benito Monción, one of the heroes of the Restoration War against Spain.[4]

When the Santiago Rodríguez province was created in 1948, Monción was one of the municipalities of that new province.

Economy[change | change source]

The main economic activity of the municipality is farming. Monción is the centre of production of casabe (a kind of bread, of Taíno origin, made with the flour of manioc).

References[change | change source]

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