Monte San Lorenzo

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San Lorenzo
Monte Cochrane
Elevation 3,706 m (12,159 ft)[1]
Prominence 3,319 m (10,889 ft)[2]
Ranked 60th
Listing Ultra
Location Patagonia
Santa Cruz, Argentina/
Aisén, Chile border
Range Andes
Coordinates 47°35′30″S 72°18′24″W / 47.59167°S 72.30667°W / -47.59167; -72.30667Coordinates: 47°35′30″S 72°18′24″W / 47.59167°S 72.30667°W / -47.59167; -72.30667[2]
First ascent 1943 by Alberto María de Agostini[3]

Monte San Lorenzo, also known as Monte Cochrane, is a mountain on the border between Argentina and Chile. It is in Patagonia. The mountain reaches a height of 3,706 metres (12,159 ft).[4] The Chilean name of Cochrane comes from the nearby town of Cochrane. This is where climbers often approach the mountain. The peak was first climbed by Alberto María de Agostini in 1943.

The mountain is covered by three large glaciers. There are two in Argentina and one in Chile. The Argentine glaciers show clear evidence of retreat.[5]

NASA image of San Lorenzo as seen form the south.

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