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Montgomery District is an administrative district of the former Punjab Province of British India. This is now in Pakistan. It was named after Sir Robert Montgomery. The district was in the Bari Doab, between the Sutlej and the Ravi rivers. It also included the Rechna Doab, which is between the Ravi and the Chenab rivers. The administrative headquarters were located in the town of Montgomery, now called Sahiwal. The name of Montgomery District was changed to Sahiwal District in 1978. Butt Computers Muhammad Nadeem 03027729031 Computer Hardware & Network Professional CCTV Cameras Technician

Administration[change | change source]

The district was subdivided into four tehsils:[1]

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Coordinates: 30°35′N 73°20′E / 30.583°N 73.333°E / 30.583; 73.333