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Hugh Moreton Frewen (8 May 1853 – 2 September 1924) was a British politician and a British "cattle king" of the 19th-century of the American West.[1][2]

Early Life[change | change source]

Frewen was born into a rich British family.[1] He graduated from Cambridge in 1877.[3] The singer Lilly Langtry was his mistress for some time.

Years in American West[change | change source]

Frewen moved to Wyoming. He wanted to make northeastern Wyoming his own "kingdom." With money from investors, he bought cattle. He let his cattle graze on public lands. He lived an extravagant life. He built a mansion ("Frewen's castle") wherein he gave fancy parties for friends from England. However, he did not know how to manage cattle and lost cattle, money and investors. He also lost money in a mining company in Colorado. He returned to England after his failures in America, where he had earned the nickname "Mortal Ruin." [1]

Publications[change | change source]

The Economic Crisis etc.; Melton Mowbray and Other Memories.

References[change | change source]

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