Moro National Liberation Front

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Flag of the MNLF

The Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) is a rebel group in the Philippines.[1] It was started by Nur Misuari in 1969.[2] The MNLF fights against the Philippine government for the independence of the Bangsamoro Land.[3] Over the years there have been several attempts to achieve peace between the MNLF and the government. In 1976 a treaty was arranged by the Organization of Islamic Cooperation but this failed.[2] In 1986 President Corazon Aquino met with Misuari, and in 1989 the area was given a level of autonomy.[2] President Fidel Ramos arranged a peace deal in 1996 which allowed Misuari to be elected as regional governor.[2] Misuari led an uprising against the federal government in 2001, but this failed and he was sent to prison.[2] The MNLF says that the territory of Bangsamoro Land covers Sulu, Mindanao, Palawan and Sabah (in Malaysia). The MNLF is an observer member of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation.

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