Morogoro tanker explosion

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Morogoro explosion
Morogoro is located in Tanzania
Morogoro (Tanzania)
Morogoro is located in Africa
Morogoro (Africa)
Date10 August 2019
Time~ 8:30 a.m. EAT (~5:30 UTC) onwards
LocationMorogoro, Tanzania
Coordinates06°48′17″S 37°40′09″E / 6.80472°S 37.66917°E / -6.80472; 37.66917Coordinates: 06°48′17″S 37°40′09″E / 6.80472°S 37.66917°E / -6.80472; 37.66917
TypeGas explosion
CauseCrash between a fuel tanker and a motorcyclist[1]
Non-fatal injuries55

On 10 August 2019, a fuel tanker exploded in Morogoro, Tanzania. It killed at least 89 people and injuredat least 55.[2] It was one of the largest disasters of its kind in Tanzania.[3]

The incident happened in the town of Morogoro. A fuel tanker crashed and people gathered at the accident site to steal the fuel. The tanker exploded during the looting, burning 60 people to death.[4] Another 55 people were injured in the incident and many suffered serious burns.[5]

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