Moscow Time

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Time zones of Russia: Moscow Time (UTC+03:00) in red.

Moscow Time is UTC+03:00, the same time as Eastern European Summer Time, East Africa Time, and Arabia Standard Time.

On 28 March 2010, Moscow Time became the time zone for the Samara Oblast in Russia, leaving Samara Time (UTC+04:00) unused.

On 8 February 2011, the Russian government announced the abandonment of daylight saving time (DST) in all time zones across Russia. Moscovians set their clocks forward on 27 March 2011, and then UTC+04:00 became its standard time permanently.

In July 2014, the law to observe summer time year round was abandoned, and the clock has been set to UTC+3 starting from 26 October 2014.[1]

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The time zone database is Europe/Moscow.