Moshe Dayan

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General Moshe Dayan was an Israeli Jewish soldier and politician. Moshe Dayan was in the Haganah and lost an eye while fighting Nazis so he got an eye patch. Dayan fought against the British Empire in the Haganah after the war so that the State of Israel could be created and he became a general in the Israeli army. Dayan led the Israelis against Egypt in the Suez War and got control of Sinai. Dayan later became a Socialist politician and joined David Ben-Gurion in Rafi. Levi Eshkol made Dayan Minister of Defence in the 1960s so Dayan had that job during the Six Day War and he kept it after Eshkol died. After the Yom Kippur War, there were people in Israel who said it was Dayan’s fault for not knowing that Egypt would attack so Dayan left the job. Later, Menachem Begin became Prime Minister and Begin made Dayan Minister of Foreign Affairs. Dayan also helped Begin when Begin made peace with Anwar Sadat in Egypt.