Moskva River

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Moskva kremlin 04 2007.jpeg
The Moskva River at the Kremlin in Moscow
Map of the Volga watershed with the Moskva River highlighted
Physical characteristics
 - coordinates55°04′31″N 38°50′43″E / 55.0753°N 38.8453°E / 55.0753; 38.8453Coordinates: 55°04′31″N 38°50′43″E / 55.0753°N 38.8453°E / 55.0753; 38.8453
Length473 km (294 mi)
Basin size17,600 km2 (6,800 sq mi)

The Moskva River (Russian: река Москва, Москва-река, romanized: Moskva-reka) is a river in Russia. It is the river where the capital of Russia Moscow gets it name, as it is the main river in the city. It is a tributary of the Oka River. This river then flows into the Volga River. The Volga flows into the Caspian Sea. The Moskva is around 473 km (294 mi) long.[1]

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