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Motoori Norinaga

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Motoori Norinaga
Self-portrait by Motoori
Born21 June 1730
Died5 November 1801
Other names本居 宣長
In this Japanese name, the family name is Motoori.

Motoori Norinaga (Japanese: 本居宣長; 21 June 1730 – 5 November 1801) was a Japanese scholar and poet during the Edo period. Norinaga's most important works include the Kojiki-den (Commentaries on the Kojiki), created more than 35 years ago, and his comments on the Tale of Genji.

Motoori was born in what is now Matsusaka in Ise Province (now part of Mie Prefecture). At the age of 22, Motoori went to Kyoto to study medicine. Although best known as a Kokugaku scholar, Norinaga worked as a doctor for 40 years in Matsusaka.

He was the first to use the term Mono no aware, which is now an important concept in Japanese culture.