Mount Gassan

Coordinates: 38°32′56″N 140°01′37″E / 38.54889°N 140.02694°E / 38.54889; 140.02694
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Mount Gassan
The summit and Gassan Shrine
Highest point
Elevation1,984 m (6,509 ft)[1]
Listing100 Famous Japanese Mountains Three Mountains of Dewa
Coordinates38°32′56″N 140°01′37″E / 38.54889°N 140.02694°E / 38.54889; 140.02694
English translationMoon Mountain
Language of nameJapanese
Mount Gassan is located in Yamagata Prefecture
Mount Gassan
Mount Gassan
Mountain typeStratovolcano[1]
Easiest routeHiking

Mount Gassan (月山, Gassan) is one of the Three Mountains of Dewa. It is located in the former province of Dewa.. Its peak is 1,984 metres (6,509 ft) above sea level. Gassan Shrine is at the peak.

It is a long and hard hike up the mountain

The mountain is inaccessible during the winter due to snow

Mount Gassan is unique because it possesses characteristics of both shield volcanoes and stratovolcanoes, even though it is primarily categorized as a stratovolcano.[2]

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