Mount Kosciuszko

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Mount Kosciuszko
Mount Kosciuszko01Oct06.JPG
View of Mount Kosciuszko from the east
Highest point
Elevation2,228 m (7,310 ft) [1]
Prominence2,228 m (7,310 ft)
Isolation1,895 kilometres (1,177 mi)
ListingSeven Summits
Mount Kosciuszko is located in New South Wales
Mount Kosciuszko
Mount Kosciuszko
Parent rangeGreat Dividing Range / Main Range
First ascent1840 by Paweł Edmund Strzelecki
Easiest routeWalk (dirt road)

Mount Kosciuszko is the highest mountain in Australia. The mountain is 2,228 m (7,310 ft) above sea level.[2] The mountain is in the south east corner of New South Wales, where it is part of the Great Dividing Range. The Indigenous Australians called the whole mountain Tar-gan-gil.[2] The first European to visit the mountain was the Polish explorer, Count Paul Strzelecki in 1840.[2] He named it Kosciuszko after the Polish patriot, Thaddeus Kosciuszko (1746 - 1817).[3]

Mount Kosciuszko is now part of the large Kosciuszko National Park.

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