Moura Photovoltaic Power Station

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Moura Photovoltaic Power Station
Coordinates38°11′20″N 07°12′08″W / 38.18889°N 7.20222°W / 38.18889; -7.20222Coordinates: 38°11′20″N 07°12′08″W / 38.18889°N 7.20222°W / 38.18889; -7.20222
Commission datePhase-1: 2008
Phase-2: 2010
Construction cost250 million
Solar farm
TypeFlat-panel PV
Site area618 acres (250 ha)
Power generation
Units operational376,000
Nameplate capacity62 MW

The Moura Photovoltaic Power Station is in the municipality of Moura, in the interior region of Alentejo, Portugal. It will have an installed capacity of 62 MWp. The first stage of construction should be finished in 2008 and the second and final stage is scheduled for 2010. Together with the construction of the power station, a solar panel factory is currently being built and there are plans for a research lab dedicated to solar energy.[1]

The brainchild of Prof Mario Baptista Coelho, the founding partner of Renatura and a Professor of Geostrategy of Natural Resources at the Faculty of Sciences of Lisbon, Moura was the first step in proving the feasibility of Very-Large Scale Photovoltaic Plants.

Originally conceptualized in 1999, Moura is a stepping stone in addressing the CO2 issue by way of Solar Energy.

Now fully operational and grid-connected, Moura is currently operated by Acciona, which purchased the project in 2007.

Coped with Moura is the Sunflower Sustainability Project, as in integrated package of the paradigm of sustainability and Zero-Carbon Communities (

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