Mr. Checkout Distributors

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Mr. Checkout Distributors
Company typePrivately held company
Key people
Joel Goldstein (President)[1]
ServicesDistribution service

Mr. Checkout Distributors is an American corporation that provides distribution services for retail products.[2][3] According to, Mr. Checkout has been behind the retail launch of several products featured on ABC's Shark Tank.[4] The company was awarded the Top Distributor Award three times by Independent Distributors Association of America.[5]

Foundation[change | change source]

In 2013, Florida based entrepreneur Joel Goldstein purchased Mr. Checkout Distributors which was founded by Bob Goldstein, Joel's father.[6] The company started their services by a group of distributors which is also known as direct-store-delivery (DSD).[7][8] Mr. Checkout became one of the largest national group of independent distributors in the U.S. with 50,000 independent retail owners and 1,000 distributors.[9][10][11][12]

Mr. Checkout Distributors were the first company to introduce 5 Hour Energy Drink into retail stores.[13]

Awards[change | change source]

  • Top Distributor Award

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