Muhammad ibn al-Uthaymeen

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Muhammad ibn al-Uthaymeen
Muhammad ibn al-Uthaymeen Islamic Calligraphy
BornMarch 9, 1929
DiedJanuary 10, 2001(2001-01-10) (aged 71)
Resting placeMecca, Saudi Arabia
Nationality Saudi Arabian
  • Ibrahim ibn Muhammad al Uthaymeen
  • Zayneb bint Muhammad al Uthaymeen
  • Abdulrahman ibn Muhammad al Uthaymeen
  • Sumayyah bint Muhammad al Uthaymeen
  • Abdullah ibn Muhammad al Uthaymeen
  • Abdulaziz ibn Muhammad al Uthaymeen
  • Fatima bint Muhammad al Uthaymeen
Era20th century
RegionArabian Peninsula
Senior posting
AwardsKing Faisal International Prize for Service to Islam, February 8, 1994

Abu 'Abd Allah Muhammad ibn Saalih ibn Muhammad ibn Sulayman ibn Abd Al Rahman Al Uthaymeen Al Tamimi (1929–2001), was born in Unaiza, in Quasim region (Saudi Arabia) in 1929. He memorized the Holy Quran during his childhood, pursued rigorous religious education in hadith, tafseer, fiqh, theology and Arabic language under the tutelage of renowned Saudi Ulema (Islamic scholars) and graduated from the College of Sharia in Riyadh.

Al-Uthaymeen’s deep knowledge of Islam, disseminated through his many publications and teachings, as well as his outstanding qualities as a dedicated and profoundly faithful Muslim, have won him the respect and admiration of Muslims everywhere.

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