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The Snow Leopard Represents Pakistani Personification.

The "Mumlikat-e-Khudadad" (Urdu:مملکتِ خداداد) ('God-Given State') of August 14, 1947 is a day in the history of the world when a new state emerged in the world which is not only a miracle but also a gift from the British to the Muslim Ummah and their Was the centre of power of the Muslim world as having one of the strongest military in Islamic world and the only Islamic nuclear power. The state that was the fruit of many prayers, sacrifices and the prayers of the Indian Muslims was named the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. 'Pakistan' means pure land and there are some doubts about it.

Achieved on the blessed day of the 27th of Ramadan, this Islamic state of Pakistan was achieved as the centre and axis of the Muslim Ummah on the basis of La ilaha illa Allah and liberation from the British forces of tyranny and cruelty. For which millions of human beings sacrificed their lives. But alas, today we are entangled in sectarianism and religiosity, forgetting our goal, which our forefathers struggled day and night to achieve this free country, which is not really free as we are in debt of other countries and our policies also depends on them, so we need some more Jihad(struggle) to gain our independence from the white men. And in the loans of the IMF, forgetting moral values. Are divided. Today we strive to achieve this independent state and get rid of the massive inflation and shed light(right now we can't due to electricity cuts) on the real purpose of this Sovereign state.