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Munmu of Silla

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Munmu of Silla (Hangul: 신라 문무왕; Hanja: 文武王, 626 - 681) was the 30th king of Silla, ruling from 661 to 681. His family name was Kim (Hangul: ; Hanja: ), while his surname was Beopmin (Hangul: 법민; Hanja: 法敏). Munmu was the first monarch to unify southern Korea. The Korean people usually call him Munmu the Great (Hangul: 문무대왕; Hanja: 文武大王).

He was the son of King Muyeol of Silla. Before his father died, he sought an alliance with Tang China. In 660, with the help of the Tang army, he and Kim Yushin conquered Baekje. Japan sent reinforcements for Baekje.

Munmu was with the Tang army at the attack of Goguryeo and the destruction of it in 668.

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