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The Mysore curse is a legend about the Wadiyars, a family that ruled the Vijayanagar Empire, which is today in India. The queen of the last dynasty, Alamelamma, wife of King Tirumalaraja, put the curse on them.[1]

When the Wadiyars took over the empire in 1612, Queen Alamelamma tried to run away with some treasure. Raja Wodeyar's soldiers caught her. She jumped into a river and shouted the curse: That the land would be barren and that the Wadiyars would not have children. The curse also said a whirlpools would swallow a village.

Since then, Wadiyar kings had male children only once every two generations.[1] Many Wadiyar kings and queens have adopted children, for example nephews or cousins.

In 2017, Yaduveer Krishnadatta Chamaraja Wodeyar and his wife, Trishika Kumari, had a healthy baby boy.[2]

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