Mytilus coruscus

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Mytilus coruscus
Scientific classification
M. coruscus
Binomial name
Mytilus coruscus
Gould, 1861

Mytilus coruscus is the scientific name for the Korean mussel.[1][2] It is also called the hard-shelled mussel.[3] It is a species of mussel and a marine bivalve mollusc. It is in the family Mytilidae. This species is heavily used as a food item via mariculture in Korea.[1] and in China[3]

Distribution and habitat[change | change source]

This species lives along the coasts of the subtropical western Pacific Ocean. It is found in the Yellow Sea and the Sea of Japan. It can also be found as far north as the Peter the Great Gulf.[2] This mussel generally inhabits the upper part of the sublittoral zone.[2]

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