NGC 55

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NGC 55 is a Magellanic type barred spiral galaxy located about 6.5 million light years away in the constellation Sculptor. Along with its neighbor NGC 300, it is one of the closest galaxies to the Local Group, probably lying between the Milky Way and the Sculptor Group.[1] It has an estimated mass of (2.0 ± 0.4) × 1010 M.[2]

NGC 55
Irregular Galaxy NGC 55 (La silla observatory)
Observation data (J2000 epoch)
Right ascension00h 14m 53.6s[3]
Declination-39° 11' 48"
Distance6.5 million ly
Apparent magnitude (V)7.87
Mass(2.0 ± 0.4) × 1010 M
Apparent size (V)32′.4 × 5′.6
Other designations
PGC 1014, Caldwell 72, 2MASS J00145360-3911478, IRAS F00124-3929, ESO 293-50, MCG-07-01-013
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Nearby galaxies and group information[change | change source]

NGC 55 and the spiral galaxy NGC 300 have permanently been identified as members of the Sculptor Group, a nearby group of galaxies in the constellation of Sculptor. However, recent distance measurements point to that the two galaxies actually lie in the foreground.[4]

It is likely that NGC 55 and NGC 300 form a gravitationally bound pair.[5]

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