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Created byEkta Kapoor
Written byStory
  • Mrinal Jha
  • R M Joshi
  • Neha Singh

  • R M Joshi
  • Neha Singh
  • Shivani Shah
  • Anurag Sharma

Deepti Rawal
Directed by
  • Santaram Verma
  • Arshad Khan
  • Niraj
  • Lalit Marathe
  • Rakesh Chowdhury
Creative director(s)Tanushree Dasgupta
StarringMouni Roy
Adaa Khan
Surbhi Jyoti
Anita Hassanandani
Opening themeTere Sang Pyaar Mein Nahi Todna
Country of originIndia
Original language(s)Hindi
No. of seasons3
No. of episodes104 as of season 3
CinematographySantosh Suryavanshi, Sarfaraz, Ajay
Camera setupMulti-camera
Running time45 1 hour (approx.)
Production company(s)Balaji Telefilms
Original networkColors TV
Picture format
Original release1 November 2015 (2015-11-01) – 26 May 2019
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Naagin 3 is an Indian television series and airs on Colors TV. It is produced by Balaji Telefilms. The series is the third season of Naagin after Naagin and Naagin 2. It premiered on 2 June 2018.[1][2] It stars Surbhi Jyoti,[3] Anita Hassanandani,[3] Pearl V Puri[3] in lead roles and Amrapali Gupta as the main antagonist. [4]

Plot[change | change source]

Following the events in Naagin 2, Shivangi dies without getting to know why her father and husband betrayed her by plotting her murder. However, she vows to come back for her revenge.

Elsewhere in an old Haveli, Ruhi - another Naagin having gained the ability to shape-shift after hundred years of penance, dances with her lover Vikrant under the moonlight in the joy of their much anticipated union. However, business tycoon Andy Sehgal's spoiled sons Yuvi and Adi along with Yuvi's friends Rehan, Daksh, RJ (Yuvi's brother-in-law) and Karan (Yuvi's family's manager) associates arrived there and spot them.

They are in a drunk state, misbehave with Ruhi and attempt to rape her, while Vikrant takes his snake form to scare them off, but an agitated Adi shoots Vikrant who dies in the heat of the moment.

Ruhi vows to avenge her lover's death from the 6 murderers (Yuvi, Adi, Rehan, Karan, RJ, Daksh) along with the three tag-alongs Pratham, Gultu (Yuvi's friend), Anu (Rehan's sister) and Mahir (Yuvi's elder brother/Adi and Pratham's half-brother). With Shivji's blessings, Ruhi performs a ritual and shed off her skin, acquire a new face to take revenge.

6 months later[change | change source]

Vish a.k.a Vishakha Khanna (a revenge-seeking ferocious Naagin who is revealed to be Ruhi's friend) enters Andy's household as his prime investor in a construction project over the pious land covering the temple and the 3000 years old mansion in which the shape-shifting serpents reside.

Yuvi and Pratham's weddings have been fixed and are soon to take place with Bela and Suhani, the respective daughters of Andy's two sub-ordinates Jagmohan and Sunil. Suhani and Pratham are marrying because they love each other and their marriage is fixed because of Bela's request to Suhani's father, Sunil. Yuvi's friend, Daksh turns out to be Suhani's brother and Sunil's son.

However, Bela is marrying Yuvi only to get her father's debts to Andy waived off.

Yuvi is instantly attracted to the sassy and glamorous Vish, much to the dismay of Mahir, Bela, and Sumitra (Andy's legal wife/Mahir & Yuvi's mother).

An eccentric Paulomi (Andy's live-in partner/Adi & Pratham's mother) continues on her antics, while Vish manages to comatose Karan, the first murderer by throwing him off the third floor.

Bela suspects Vish, but Vish destroys the evidence against her while the police investigate. Vish tries to target Anu in her snake form, but suffers from a gunshot and rushes to the mansion to get healed, as, in the meantime, she is discovered by Bela to be a Naagin by seeing her portrait there. Vish with the help of Arvind (an Icchadhari Naag) proves Bela's accusations on her for the same to be wrong and rather absurdly in front of the family. Arvind, as per their plan, takes Karan form and goes to the venue accusing Adi of brutally beating him up, getting Adi arrested. Vish decides to take her revenge from Adi and Yuvi thereupon.

On the wedding day, Yuvi goes missing and Mahir thought he ran away. Mahir decides to take his place in the Mandap to save Bela's dignity. Actually, it was Vish, who kidnapped Yuvi in the form of his ex-girlfriend Raavee and killed him. Mahir gets married to Bela much to Bela's shock and sadness. However, Mahir promises Bela to be a good husband and fulfill all her duties as a husband. Pratham also gets married to Suhani.

It is revealed that the real Naagin who wants revenge from the Sehgals is Bela - new identity of Ruhi. Vish is Bela's close friend and helpmate in her mission to destroy the criminals' lives. Later, Bela and Vish team up to kill Rehan and throw his body off a cliff, satisfying their revenge.

Vish informs Bela that she has to change her skin before 12:00 AM due to which she had to return. Bela gets into Shiv mandir where Mahir arrives, he was searching for Bela but Vish took Bela form to mislead him, meanwhile, Bela came out of the mandir, Vish takes snake form and leaves, both Bela and Mahir reaches home safely. On returning, Sumitra asks Bela to inform her whenever she feels like going out somewhere and asks Kuhu, Anu to take her to her room. On the other hand, Mahir’s mother tries to convince him to give her their family’s traditional bangle. Bela is turning into a Naagin, Rehan had sent a message through a voice note to Adi inform that Bela is a Naagin. Vish tries to stop Mahir to enter Bela’s room and Adi, who comes to know Bela’s real identity, Vish uses her strategy and deletes the voice note from Adi’s phone. Mahir gives her traditional bangle and goes out to sleep. Bela goes back to the time when she was Ruhi when her mother Nagrani explained to her about the deeds of Icchadhari Naagin.

Paulomi brings Suhani to her home and says her daughter-in-law and Bela will cook for the first time in the same kitchen. In the meantime, everyone is searching for Rehan. As Bela and Suhani don’t know how to cook, Mahir and Pratham come to help. Vish comes in the kitchen and gives her tip of how to kill Mahir. Bela mixes poison in the sweet to kill Mahir but mistakenly that poisoned bowl is taken by her sister-in-law Kuhu. Bela somehow manages to stop Kuhu from eating that poisoned sweets. Police come up with Rehan’s dead body in Sehgal’s house. Rehan's parents arrive and his father says that he can guess who is the ultimate murderer of his son which makes Bela and Vish surprised and nervous. Rehan's girlfriend Jamini comes there and cries, the inspector said he doesn't think it is an accident and DNA report will come very soon. Vish calls Arvind and asks him to do some work. Arvind comes there with changed avatar and gives fake DNA report that the body is not Rehan.

Jamini shows the CCTV footage and tells that Rehan went to the jungle, they see Rehan running and someone holding his neck. Vish and Bela come there and get shocked, Bela shows Vish's ring and takes it out (it is visible in the CCTV footage). Andy, Sumitra, Shekhar, Mahir, and Jamini tell that they will go to the Haveli. Bela tells that she will also come, Jamini thanks Bela and tells that you did right, she smiles. Bela is confused and thinks if I shall be saved from her. Vish asks her to kill Mahir once she finds him alone. They all come near the Haveli to check, Sumitra finds a lady’s slipper with blood on it and brings it home, she drops the slipper by mistake. Bela wears it and says she was searching it. Sumitra tells Mahir and others, they go to Bela’s room calling her, but Bela comes from outside and they see Vish wearing that slippers. Mahir exposes Vish is a fraud and she gets kicked out of Sehgal's house. Bela recalls Vish seeing the sandal and asking her to give it to her, she tells that someone might keep it to get the proofs, she doesn’t want her to get into any trouble. Later, Vish meets Bela, Bela asks who kept that third slipper, they think to find about the third person.

Sumitra instructs Bela and Mahir to visit the famous Devi temple to seek the Goddesses’ blessing as a married couple. Vishakha encourages Bela to finish Mahir off as this is the perfect chance for her to finally punish him for killing Vikrant. As they are leaving the house, the police attempt to question Bela with regards to Rehan and his whereabouts. Mahir fends them off and asks them to leave Bela alone as he has full confidence in her that she doesn't have anything to do with Rehan's whereabouts.

As they reach the temple, Mahir prays for Bela's well-being and watching this, Bela starts to anticipate if Mahir killed Vikrant or not. On the way back, Bela attempts to kill Mahir but seeing him worried for her even when his life is in danger throws her off her mission.

On the other hand, Anu tries to find proof against Bela and finds the posters where she has marked Yuvi, Karan and Rehan's face off on a poster. Here, everyone starts to doubt Bela, but Jamini comes to her rescue and Anu is thrown out of the Sehgal house in an attempt of framing Bela. Jamini tricks Bela goes to an old temple to make the sacrifice but failed. Vish disguises as Rehan and came back to Sehgal's house, Mahir gets jealous seeing Bela and Rehan acting friendly toward each other. Later Mahir Announces Rehaan-Jamini’s Marriage, Bela Searches Jamini’s Truth. Jamini tells Bela that she is a chudail and flies in the air. She says if you tell everyone that I am a chudail then I will tell them that you are a snake. Bela’s Attempt To Expose Jamini Turn Futile. Bela thinks to expose her using 7 mirrors and thinks its light will fall make her real face comes out. Vish thinks about the 7 mirrors and thinks to make her turn 7 times. Bela moves second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh mirror. Jamini shows the video to Vish in which Bela is becoming the snake. She asks her to stop Bela, else she will kill her and then will expose Bela. Bela switches on the lights. Vish as Rehaan destroys the chandelier lights and blows heavy air. She destroys the seven mirrors. Everyone is shocked. Later electricity comes back, Bela looks at Jamini who have come back in human form. Jamini says you have taken a right decision. Jamini shows the video to Vish in which Bela is becoming the snake. She asks her to stop Bela, else she will kill her and then will expose Bela. Bela switches on the lights. Vish as Rehaan destroys the chandelier lights and blows heavy air. She destroys the seven mirrors. Everyone is shocked. Later electricity comes back, Bela looks at Jamini who have come back in human form. Jamini says you have taken a right decision. Bela says she is always two steps ahead of us and says don’t know what we shall do. Jamini hears them and thinks they both will lose, first Vish will lose her strength. Pandit Ji asks Jamini to rest and says mahurat have much time. Jamini controls Pandit ji’s mind and says marriage mahurat is after 20 mins. Bela hears about the mahurat. ACP stops her and tells that he saw how she switched on and off the lights and how it blasted. Bela says I didn’t do and tells that it was the short circuit. ACP says your husband loves you a lot and his love was unique. Bela comes to Jamini’s room. Jamini is dressed as a bride and asks her to come. Jamini says I am marrying her, a chudail is marrying a naagin. She tells her that if Vish gets married to her then she will lose all her powers and then you also lose your problem. Bela is angry. Jamini asks if she wants to fight and says let’s fight today. Jamini says today your story will end Naagrani with my hand. She shouts and makes such a noise which makes Bela unconscious and she falls down. Jamini takes Bela to the temple in the cave. Jamini says you forgot your revenge because of Mahir. Bela asks him not to take Mahir’s name. Jamini asks when you have killed Rehaan, then why can’t you kill Mahir. She says you care for Mahir and says I saw Mahir was jealous when Rehaan was running behind you. Bela asks her to keep quiet. Jamini takes the sword and attacks on Bela’s tail. Bela shouts. Vish senses Bela is in danger and prays for her. She sees Bela in the cave with Jamini. Bela holds Jamini by her tail and hits her. She says I will take my revenge one day, but you will never get Naagmani. Jamini says I will not leave you. She falls in the mud pit and gets inside. Vish comes there and asks Bela if she is fine. She thanks God for protecting Naagrani. Mahir comes there and calls Bela.

Cast[change | change source]

Main cast[change | change source]

  • Surbhi Jyoti as shraavni/Naagrani Bela Maahir Sehgal (pseudonym). The reigning Queen of Shesh-Naag Clan of shape-shifting serpents who initially seemed to be An honest, docile and hard-working girl and later became Maahir's wife and the Sehgal family's daughter in law. Bela is actually the transformed new identity of Roohi, an Ichchhadhaari Naagin who is also bestowed upon the title of "Naagrani" i.e. queen of the shape-shifting serpents of the Shesh-Naag Clan. Bela, along with Vish, is out to avenge her assault and Vikraant's murder.
  • Pearl V Puri[3][5] as Mihir/Mahir Sehgal, Andy's eldest son with Sumitra, who is a young leading businessman, yet kind and honest just in behavior unlike his siblings, Yuvi and Aadi. He is Bela's (Roohi's) husband.
  • Karishma Tanna [7] as Huzoor and Naagrani Roohi (pseudonym). The reigning Queen of Shesh-Naag Clan of shape-shifting serpents an Ichchhadhaari Naagin who is also bestowed upon the title of "Naagrani" i.e. queen of the shape-shifting serpents of the Shesh-Naag Clan. Roohi with her new identity as Bela, along with Vish, is out to avenge her assault and Vikraant's murder.[8][9]
  • Anita Hassanandani[11] as Vish / Vishakha [12] An Ichchhadhaari Naagin having crimson-textured snake skin, who is on her mission to avenge the death of Vikraant and Roohi's assault from the six prominent culprits (Yuvraaj, Aditya, Rehaan, Karan, RJ, Daksh); although Vish considers Pratham, Bultu, Anu and Maahir to be included in the criminals as well. The sassy and glamorous Vish is actually helping Roohi/Bela in her revenge mission.
  • Rajat Tokas[13] as Vikraant,former king of shesh naag clan, Crown Princess Roohi's initial snake companion and soulmate, who was initially killed by the six murderers (Yuvraaj, Aditya, Rehaan, Karan, RJ, Daksh) but now has returned back as an antagonist.

Recurring cast[change | change source]

  • Saptrishi Ghosh[14] as Arvind, an Ichchhadhaari Naag who is helping Vish and Roohi (Bela) in their revenge mission and is serving as the caretaker of the old mansion, resided by the shape-shifting snakes.
  • Manoj Kolhatkar (Season 3) as Naagpandit / Jagmohan Sharma (fake identity). Naagrani Roohi a.k.a Bela's chief advisor, who enacted as her father in front of the Sehgals and made them believe that to get his debts to Andy waived off, Roohi (Bela) was going to marry Yuvraaj.
  • Chetan Hansraj[15] as Anand "Andy" Sehgal, abusiness tycoon, who is vicious in nature and has an insatiable greed for money; Sumitra's husband and Poulomi's love partner; father of Maahir, Kuhu and Yuvraaj (children with his first wife Sumitra) and has also fathered Paulomi's sons, Aditya and Pratham. Hansraj has described his character as "an out-and-out negative character".
  • Rakshanda Khan[15] as Sumitra Sehgal, Andy's first wife and Maahir, Kuhu, Yuvraaj's mother whose father's wealth and background was the reason behind Andy's success and rise to prominence. She is positive and honest in nature.
  • Pavitra Punia[16] as Poulomi Roy, Andy's love partner and the mother of his children Aditya and Pratham.
  • Mithil Jain[17] as Pratham Sehgal, Andy's second son with Poulomi, Aditya's younger brother; Maahir, Kuhu and Yuvraaj's half-brother, Suhaani's husband. He was present when Yuvraaj with his partners assaulted Roohi and murdered Vikraant.
  • Charvi Saraf[18][19] as Suhaani Pratham Sehgal, Roohi's (Bela's) friend who is bubbly and full of life, Pratham's wife and the Sehgal family's daughter-in-law, Daksh's younger sister.
  • Rupesh Kataria[20] as Bultu, Yuvraaj's friend, was present when Yuvraaj with his partners assaulted Roohi and murdered Vikraant, but is a positive character. He is fearful.
  • Heli Daruwala[21] as Anu Mittal, Rehaan's younger sister, was the only girl present nearby when Roohi was assaulted and later witnessed Vikraant's murder.
  • Simran Sachdeva[22] as Kuhu Jaiswal, Andy's daughter with Sumitra, Maahir and Yuvraaj's sister, RJ's wife.
  • Rohit Choudhary[23] as Rohit Jaiswal a.k.a RJ, Kuhu's husband, Maahir and Yuvraaj's brother-in-law, one of Yuvraaj's partners in assaulting Roohi and committing Vikraant's murder.
  • Aman Gandhi[24] as Daksh Munshi, the family accountant, Sunil Munshi’s son, Suhaani's elder brother and Pratham's brother-in-law, one of Yuvi's partners in assaulting Roohi and committing Vikraant's murder.
  • Puneett Chouksey[25] as Aditya Sehgal a.k.a Aadi, Andy's eldest son with Poulomi, Pratham's elder brother; Maahir, Kuhu and Yuvraaj's half-brother; one of Yuvraaj's partners in assaulting Roohi and he was the one to commit Vikraant's murderer by firing the gun.
  • Naveen Sharma[26] as Rehaan Mittal, Yuvraaj's friend, Anu's elder brother, was present when Yuvraaj with his partners assaulted Roohi and murdered Vikraant. He was killed jointly by Vish and Roohi (Bela), and was their third target, after Karan and Yuvraaj.
  • Ankit Mohan[27][28] as Yuvraaj Sehgal a.k.a Yuvi, Andy's second son with Sumitra, Maahir and Kuhu's younger brother, Roohi's (Bela's) ex-fiance and prime assaulter, one of Vikraant's murderers. He was Vish's second target.
  • Kushabh Manghani[28] as Karan, the manager, a mischievous grey character, one of Yuvi's partners in assaulting Roohi and committing Vikraant's murderer. He was the first murderer to face Naagin Vish's wrath, resultant from which he has slept into coma.
  • Sakshi Pradhan[29] as Raavi Saluja, Yuvraaj’s ex-girlfriend / love interest.
  • Shahab Khan as Sunil Munshi, Sumitra's family's chief accountant, who now handles the Sehgal family's accountancy. He is Daksh and Suhaani's father, and Jagmohan's friend.
  • Deepali Kamath as Mukti Mittal, Andy's friend Shekhar Mittal's wife, Rehaan and Anu's mother.
  • Mahira Sharma [30] as Jamini - A Chudail, Rehaan's girlfriend.
  • Adhvik Mahajan[31] as Ajitabh Singh, an Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP), he is a 'Dabangg' cop with a witty sense of humour.

Guest[change | change source]

  • Mouni Roy[33] as Shivaangi Rocky Pratap Singh/ Goddess Durga / female part of Lord Ardhanarishvara in season 3. Shivaangi is the daughter of Shivanya and Ritik, who became Rocky's wife and avenged her parents deaths. Shivaangi is golden-textured Ichchhadhaari Naagin (shape-shifting snakes) belonging to the Shesh-Naag Clan and hence is also the guardian of NAAGMANI. Mouni Roy, as a dying Shivaangi, made a special cameo appearance at the beginning of the first episode of season 3.Shivangi dies without getting to know why her father and husband betrayed her by plotting her murder. However, she vows to come back for her revenge.

Ratings[change | change source]

In the table below, the blue numbers represent the lowest ratings and the red numbers represent the highest ratings.

Year / Week Episodes Broadcast date BARC ratings (Urban + Rural)[34]
Nationwide Ranking (Nationwide)
Week 23, 2018 1 - 2 2 June 2018 – 3 June 2018 16.5% (16545)[35] 1
Week 24, 2018 3 - 4 9 June 2018 – 10 June 2018 14% (14103)[36] 1
Week 25, 2018 5 - 6 16 June 2018 – 17 June 2018 14.5% (14559)[37] 1
Week 26, 2018 7 - 8 23 June 2018 – 24 June 2018 14.5% (14579)[38] 1
Week 27, 2018 9 - 10 30 June 2018 – 1 July 2018 14.3%(14374)[38] 1

Awards[change | change source]

Year Award Category Recipient Result
2018 11th Keshking Gold Awards Most Fit Actor (Female) Surbhi Jyoti Won[39]
Karishma Tanna

International broadcast and dubbed versions[change | change source]

Country Language Channel Show Name Aired (Date)
India Tamil Colors Tamil Naagini
18 June 2018 - present
India Bengali Colors Bangla Naagin
2 June 2018 - present
Sri Lanka Sinhala Sirasa TV Prema Dadayama

ප්‍රේම දඩයම

6 October 2018 - present

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