Nagham Nawzat Hasan

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Nagham Nawzat in 2016 with U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry

Nagham Nawzat Hasan (Arabic: نغم نوزات حسن ) or Nagham Nawzat is a doctor from Iraq. In 2015 she received the International Women of Courage Award.[1]

Nagham Nawzat Hasan is a Kurdish Yazidi gynecologist. She works with Yazidi girls who were kidnapped by the Islamic State (ISIS).[2]

After the city of Sinjar fell in 2014, ISIL killed many Yezidi men and enslaved many Yezidi women.[3] Hasan rescued many Yezidi girls. She gave psychological and medical help. She visits Yezidi people in refugee camps to encourage girls to visit her clinic.[4] She started a program against sexual abuse called "I am Yezidi – I am against harassment."[5]

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