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Naming very small numbers is the same as naming very big numbers, but with one important difference. There is a minus sign over what the 10 in the formula is raised to. So if one wanted to write 0.007 in shorthand form, they would write it 7 x 10−3 since 7 is the third digit after the decimal point (the zero in front of the decimal point does not count). Naming a very small number with lots of different numbers inside it is the same as doing it with a very big number, but again with that one difference of the minus sign. So 0.0000452 would become 4.52 x 10−5 (0.0000452 --> 4.52 x 0.00001 --> 4.52 x 10−5).

Some examples[change | change source]

0.00000000009 = 9 x 10−11
0.000678 = 6.78 x 10−4
0.000000535645 = 5.35645 x 10−7

Names of small numbers[change | change source]

  English name European name
100 One One
10−1 Tenth Tenth
10−2 Hundredth Hundredth
10−3 Thousandth Thousandth
10−4 Ten Thousandth Ten Thousandth
10−5 Hundred Thousandth Hundred Thousandth
10−6 Millionth Millionth
10−9 Billionth Milliardth
10−12 Trillionth Billionth
10−15 Quadrillionth Billiardth
10−18 Quintillionth Trillionth
10−21 Sextillionth Trilliardth
10−24 Septillionth Quadrillionth

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