Nancy Ajram

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Nancy Ajram

Nancy Ajram or Nancy Agram (Arabic: نانسي عجرم, born May 16, 1980) is a popular Arab singer from Lebanon. Her musical videos, directed by Nadine Labaki, also Lebanese, revolutionized the Arab music industry.

She had quite a normal childhood with her small family that consisted of her parents, her sister and brother and herself. But when Nancy Ajram was 12, she participated in a television program called "Nojoum Al Mostakbal" (which means "Stars of the Future") and actually won first prize. Soon after, Ajram began studying music under the supervision of some of the finest teachers in her country. When she turned 18, she joined the Syndicate of Professional Artists in Lebanon - after they made an exception because of her age.

Her first album; Mehtagalak, was released in 1995 and marked her first official step in the world of show business. But, it took the young singer another 3 years to launch her second album Shil Eyounak Aney in 1998. Then her true hit came with her third album Ya Salam in 2000. The singer stressed the success of the album by shooting four of its songs; Akhasmak Ah, Ya Salam, Yay - Sehr Eyounoh and Nasseto Gar7o in the form of video clips. The clips were a tremendous hit and gained popularity in such a short time and gave the singer incredible fame in the Arab world.

Her most popular album is Ah we Nos which was released in 2001. Nancy shot again four video clips for this Album. Ah w Noss, Lawn Oyounak, Oul Tani Eih and Enta Eih.

As for other activities besides singing, the Lebanese diva has agreed to be the spokesperson for the international soft drink company Coca-Cola. After signing the contract with Nancy Ajram, Coca-Cola sold much more drinks in the Arab world.

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