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Nanjing Museum

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Nanjing Museum. Nanjing Museum covers an area of 70,000 square meters. Itis located at the southern foot of the beautiful Purple Gold Moutain, with Zhongshan Gate of the city on its east side and the remains of the imperial palace of the early Ming Dynasty on its west side.

Nanjing Museum , China's first comprehensive state museum,was initiated by Cai Yuanpei and president of the state Central Research Academy. It was originally planned to build three exbition halls including Humanity. Handicraft and Nature halls, but only the hall of Humanity was completed which is the current main building. It imitate the style of Liao-Dynasty architecture, with the roof covered with golden tiles and looking solemn and magnificent.

After 1949, when new China was founded, the museum entered into a new era of development. In March, 1950, it was renamed as Nanjing museum and a number of major excavation activities were conducted in following years.