Naomi Munakata

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Naomi Munakata (2011)

Naomi Munakata (宗像 直美[1][2], Munakata Naomi, 31 May 1955 – 26 March 2020) was a Japanese-born Brazilian conductor.

Munakata was born in Hiroshima, Japan, and her parents emigrated to Brazil when she was very young. Her work was set in the city of São Paulo. She was director of the Municipal School of Music of São Paulo, and conductor and artistic director of the State Youth Choir. She directed the Osesp Choir for two decades, and ran a radio program. Her last position was as principal conductor of Coral Paulistano Mário de Andrade.[3][4]

She was hospitalized on 16 March 2020 at the Hospital Alemão Oswaldo Cruz with symptoms of COVID-19. She died on 26 March 2020 at age 64.[4]

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