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Statue: King Naresuan in an elephant fight

King Naresuan The Great.[1] (also known as Phra-Ong-Dam or Naret). He was born in the year of the Rabbit (Refer to Chinese Zodiac Year), B.E. 2098 (A.D 1555) at Jan Palace, Phitsanulok. His father was King Mahathammaracha and his mother was Queen Wisutkhasat. King Narasuan had one older sister named Princess Suphan Thewi (Supankanlaya) and one brother named King Ekathotsarot (Phra-Ong-Khao).

The Burmese King Bayinnong moved his troops to attack Ayutthaya, and he conquered it. So, he asked for King Naresuan as his adopted child while Naresuan was 9 years old. When Naresuan was 16, King Mahathammaracha wanted Naresuan to come back to be a viceroy of Phitsanulok and gave Princess Suphan Kanla Ya instead as the captive from Phitsanulok.

Major events in the life of King Naresuan[change | change source]


B.E. 2113 He fought with Khmer's troop and he won.

B.E. 2114 He was established (set up) to be a governor of Phitsanulok when he was 16.

B.E. 2117 He fought at Viengjan, and he has a smallpox. So he came back to Phitsanulok.

B.E. 2121 He fought for driving out Phaya Jeen Jan Tu from Ayutthaya.

B.E. 2127 He proclaimed peace at Krang province.

B.E. 2127-2130 Burman sent armies to attack Thai but Burman lost.

B.E. 2133 He reigned Ayutthaya when he was 35 years old.

B.E. 2135 Made war with Mang Ka Yoe Cha Wa.

B.E. 2138 and 2141 He fought with Hong Sa Wa Dee.

B.E. 2148 He died at Tung Keaw, Hang luang when he was 50 years old.

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