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Narragansett people

Coordinates: 41°24′34″N 71°40′03″W / 41.40944°N 71.66750°W / 41.40944; -71.66750
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Total population
2,400 (1990s[1])
Regions with significant populations
United States (Rhode Island)
41°24′34″N 71°40′03″W / 41.40944°N 71.66750°W / 41.40944; -71.66750
Formerly Narragansett, now English
Traditional tribal religion,
Related ethnic groups
Nipmuc, Niantic, Pawtuxet, Pequot, Shawomet[1]

The Narragansett people are a Native American tribe from present-day Rhode Island. They are part of the Northeastern Woodlands cultures. Their language is part of the Algonquian language group. There were eight groups. Each group had a chief (sachem). They had subsistence farming. They farmed corn, did fishing and hunting. The Narragansett was an important tribe in New England. Narragansett did not die from European diseases. The English Puritan Roger Williams got land from the Narragansett. He created Providence Plantations. The Narragansett allied with the New England colonists during the Pequot War. They fought against colonists during King Philips War (1675-1676). Ninigret was the chief of Narragansett during King Philip's War. Many Narragansetts were killed. Many remaining Narragansett settled in Canada and New York. In Carcieri v. Salazar, the Supreme Court did not give the Natives any land in Rhode Island. Today, the US government recognizes the people as the Narragansett Indian Tribe.[2][3][4][5]

Narragansett tribal territory

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