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Narumi Ohsawa

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Narumi Ohsawa (大澤奈留美, sometimes written as Narumi Osawa) is a Japanese professional Go player at Nihon Ki-in.[1][2][3] She was born at Saitama, Saitama in 1976.

  • Her father is a Nihon Ki-in certified instructor (普及指導員) and a Keio University alumni.[4] He is managing Go schools with his daughters.
  • Her sister is Maya Ohsawa (大澤摩耶, Saitama Prefecture female Go champion in 1991 and 2002, national female amateur Go champion in 2002 and 2013[5][6]).[4][7][8] She is a Go teacher at many places such as the University of Tokyo (東京大学囲碁銀杏会) and ANA Intercontinental Tokyo Go Salon etc.[4][9]
  • Her niece is Seira Ohsuka (大須賀聖良).[10] She obtained professional status at Nihon Ki-in by recommendation in 2020.
Year Notes[1][2][3]
1988 6th place at the U12 championship
1997 Victory at the All Japan Female Amateur Go Championship.
1998 Obtained professional status
1999 & 2003 Obtained the Women Kakusei title (女流鶴聖, sponsored by JAL). She is the 1st 1-dan player to obtain a title. At the title match, she defeated Izumi Kobayashi in 1999 and Yukari Yoshihara in 2003. Since this title was abolished in 2003, she is the last person to obtain the Women Kakusei.[11]
2002 Obtained 100 career wins
2009 Promoted to 4 dan
2012 Elected as the cultural exchange ambassador by the government.[12]
2020 Promoted to 5 dan

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