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Type of site
Web portal, web search engine
Available inKorean
OwnerSK Communications

Nate is a South Korean web portal. It was created by SK communications. It joined with NETSGO and then with Lycos Korea in 2002. In 2003, Nate took over the online community service Cyworld. In 2009, Nate combined with Empas and became one of the most famous Korean web portals.

By 2006 users Nate had 19 million users. This dropped to 18 million by 2008. In 2009, it had 7 million users from China and 450,000 from Vietnam.

NateOn[change | change source]

NateOn is a quick messenger provided by Nate. It topped MSN Messenger in 2005.[source?]

NateOn is South Korean’ most used messenger. It is most popular for its direct connection with Cyworld and simple to use free text service. It provides versions for Windows as well as beta versions for Mac OS 10 and Linux. NateOn has 22 million users.

NateOn also allows users to talk to each other using NateOn Phone.