National Assembly (Bulgaria)

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National Assembly
Народно събрание
Narodnо səbranie
Coat of arms or logo
Emil Hristov (GERB)
Kristiyan Vigenin (BSP)
Valeri Simeonov (NFSB)
Nigyar Dzhafer (DPS)
Veselin Mareshki (Volya)
Bulgaria National Assembly November 2021.svg
Political groups
Government (134)
  •   PP (67)
  •   BSPzB (26)
  •   ITN (25)
  •   DB (16)

Opposition (106)

Last election
14 November 2021
Next election
14 November 2025
Meeting place
Party House, Sofia (by Pudelek).JPG
National Assembly, Largo, Sofia[1]

The National Assembly (Bulgarian: Народно събрание, Narodno sabranie) is the unicameral parliament and legislative body of the Republic of Bulgaria.

The National Assembly was created in 1879 with the Tarnovo Constitution.

The National Assembly has 240 members who are elected for a four-year term elected by proportional representation in multi-seat constituencies.

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