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Regional favorites, steamed crabs and National Bohemian Beer

National Bohemian Beer is an American beer first made in Baltimore, Maryland. It is a premium Bohemian-style beer. Many people call it "Natty Boh" as a nickname.

History[change | change source]

In 1885, the National Brewing Company created National Bohemian beer. The first factory was in Baltimore, Maryland.[1] The brewing stopped from 1920 to 1933 due to Prohibition. This was the period when nobody could drink alcohol in the US. In 1933 under the ownership of Jerold Hoffberger the factory of Natty Boh opened again. During the 1940s the factory of National Bohemian was the first in the US to adopt the six pack. In the 1970s, the Hoffberger family sold the brand name. During the next three decades, the brand of this beer was bought and sold by different companies. The copyright of the beer was purchased first by Stroh, then by G. Heileman Brewing, and then by Pabst, in 1999. Since the Hoffberger family sold the beer it has been brewed in North Carolina.[2] From 1996 until 2011, National Bohemian wasn’t available directly from the bar, but only by cans or bottles.[3] In 2014, an American citizen born in Russia, Eugene Kashper, bought the entire Pabst Company, so also National Bohemian.[4]

Relationship with Baltimore[change | change source]

Under the ownership of Jerold Hoffberger, Natty Boh was first associated with the city of Baltimore.[2] In 1953, Jerold Hoffberger helped to bring the St. Louis Browns to Baltimore where they became the Baltimore Orioles. He made National Bohemian the main sponsor of the baseball team. About twelve years later Hoffberger bought the team.[2] Under the ownership of Jerold Hoffberger the Orioles won two World Series and four American League pennants. Nattty Boh was served at the stadium.[2] This was the period when National Bohemian became the beer of Baltimore because people identified the Orioles’ wins with the beer. Although the beer is not brewed in Maryland anymore, 95% of sales are still in Baltimore. This is why is it called the beer of Maryland.[2]

Mr. Boh[change | change source]

In 1933, the logo of this beer, Mr. Boh, was introduced. Mr. Boh is a one-eyed man with a black mustache.[3] Thanks to the popularity achieved by National Bohemian with the Orioles, Mr. Boh became a symbol of Baltimore. His big face is still visible at the top of the old building where it was once brewed.[2] Through the years, people started collecting gadgets with the logo of National Bohemian. Around Baltimore, several pubs serve Natty Boh as the main beer. These pubs are decorated with different gadgets of Mr. Boh.

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