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National Bureau of Statistics of China

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National Bureau of Statistics
Guójiā Tǒngjìjú
Agency overview
Formed7 August 1952
HeadquartersXicheng District, Beijing
Agency executive
Parent agencyState Council of the People's Republic of China
National Bureau of Statistics
Simplified Chinese国家统计局
Traditional Chinese國家統計局

The National Bureau of Statistics (Chinese: 国家统计局), abbreviated as NBS, is the main agency of the People's Republic of China that works with statistics about the economy and population of China. Ning Jizhe has been in charge of the bureau since 2016.

Responsibilities[change | change source]

The bureau's authority and responsibilities are listed in China's Statistics Law. It is responsible for the research of the nation's overall statistics. It is also in charge of the actions of local agencies that also work with statistics.[1]

Commissioner[change | change source]

The current commissioner is Ning Jizhe. He became commissioner in February 2016.

References[change | change source]

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