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The National Capital Region is an official Federal name for the Canadian capital of Ottawa, Ontario, and neighbouring Gatineau, Quebec, and the area near them. The National Capital Region has an area of 5,319 square kilometres that straddles the boundary between the provinces of Ontario and Quebec. The National Capital Region covers an area of 6,287.03 square kilometres (2,427.44 square miles). It has a population of 1,235,324. The Ottawa part of the region is part of the eastern subregion of Ontario. The Ottawa-Gatineau CMA is the only CMA in Canada to include parts of two provinces.

The National Capital Region is not a separate political jurisdiction, although the National Capital Commission is deeply involved in political, cultural, and land use planning matters in the National Capital Region. Proposals have sometimes been made to separate the National Capital Region from its two respective provinces, and transform it into a separate capital district, like the District of Columbia in the United States or the Australian Capital Territory. Such proposals have never come close to passage, and there does not currently appear to be any political will or necessity to pursue this option.

Cities, towns, and populations within Ottawa-Gatineau CMA[change | change source]

Source: 2006 Census of Canada[1]

City or Town Population
Clarence-Rockland 20,790
Ottawa 812,129
Russell 13,883
Cantley 7,926
Chelsea 6,703
Denholm 604
Gatineau 242,124
La Pêche 7,477
L'Ange-Gardien 4,348
Pontiac 5,238
Val-des-Monts 9,539

Other towns within National Capital Region[change | change source]

While not officially in the CMA, the following municipalities (most of which are adjacent to the CMA) are included in the National Capital Region, due to their close economic and social ties with Ottawa.

Municipality Population
Alfred and Plantagenet 8,654
Arnprior 7,158
Beckwith 6,387
Carleton Place 9,453
Casselman 3,294
Mississippi Mills 11,734
North Dundas 11,095
North Grenville 14,198
North Stormont 6,769
The Nation 10,643
Lochaber 456
Lochaber-Partie-Ouest 477
Low 852
Montebello 1,039
Notre-Dame-de-la-Salette 706
Papineauville 2,247
Plaisance 1,004
Thurso 2,436

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