National Monument (Indonesia)

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The National Monument or Monas (Indonesia: Monumen Nasional) is an icon of Jakarta which is located in center of Jakarta, it is an attractive tourist and educational center for resident of Jakarta and its surroundings. Monas was founded on August 1959 and inaugurated two years later on August 17 1961. It was designed by Soedarsono, Frederick Silaban and Ir. Rooseno and inaugurated by Ir. Soekarno, began to be opened to the public since July 12 1975. Monas is always crowded with tourists to see the beauty of the city of Jakarta from the top of Monas, and insight into history of indonesia into the diaroma room or enjoy the fresh urban forest of approximately 80 hectares in the middle of Indonesia and has height of about 132 meters.[1][2]

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