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National Polytechnic Institute
Instituto Politécnico Nacional
Motto La Técnica al Servicio de la Patria
Motto in English
Technology to meet the needs of the Nation[1]
Type Public
Established 1 January 1936
Dean Jesús Ávila Galinzoga[2]
Director Enrique Fernández Fassnacht[2][3]
Academic staff
Administrative staff
Students 171,581[4]
Undergraduates 100,854[4]
Postgraduates 6,836[4]
Other students
63,891 (High school)[4]
Location Mexico City,  Mexico
Campus Several across Mexico, mostly urban
Colors Maroon and white          
Mascot White donkey

The National Polytechnic Institute (Spanish: Instituto Politécnico Nacional, IPN) is a public university in Mexico City. It is dedicated to research and education at high school, undergraduate and postgraduate levels. It was founded in 1936 by president Lázaro Cárdenas del Río.

The National Polytechnic Institute offers 293 courses of study.[4] It is made up of 98 different academic units.[4] These academic units are located across Mexico. With 171,581 students (2013),[4] it is the second largest university in Mexico. The IPN is considered the best university in Mexico of engineering.

The institute has an important research center in Mexico called CINVESTAV.

The IPN has 27 sports teams.[5] It has two American football teams called Burros blancos (White donkeys) and Águilas blancas (White eagles) on the Mexican College Football (ONEFA). These teams have won many championships. The IPN has a strong rivalry in all sports with UNAM, the other university in Mexico City.

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