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National Resistance Front of Afghanistan

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The National Resistance Front of Afghanistan (NRF),[1][2][3] also known as the Panjshir resistance and the Second Resistance,[4] is a military alliance of former Northern Alliance members and other anti-Taliban fighters who remain loyal to the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. The group has been known since August 2021 - during the 2021 Taliban offensive.

View of the Panjshir valley

The group had de facto control over the Panjshir Valley, as of early September 2021; but on September 6, 2021, there was heavy fighting and many deaths on both sides; the Taliban took control of the house that has the governor's office in Bazarak;[5] and the Taliban took control of most of the Panjshir province.[6]

The leaders of the resistance group are the politicians Ahmad Massoud and Amrullah Saleh (the vice president in the government that lost power over most of Afghanistan in August 2021).[7]

Massoud escaped to Tajikistan [sometime between September 6 and September 21]; Saleh escaped (by helicopter) a few days after Massoud; The two have not been seen in public, after their escape, said "The Intercept" on September 21; Its sources are "a senior U.S. intelligence official, a Pentagon consultant, and two former senior Afghan government officials".[8]

The name second resistance follows the name of the "first resistance" - a fight between the Northern Alliance (and a few other groups) against the Taliban from 1993 to the early 2000s.

A resistance fighter in Panjshir (September 11, 2021)

Timeline of the Panjshir conflict[change | change source]

Media said in August, that "There have been messages among" American and British former soldiers and former private security contractors (that had worked in Afghanistan); the messages are saying that Afghans outside the country are "starting to gather" money for raising [or building] "private forces [...] to fight the Taliban".[9]

As of September 9, researchers at Bellingcat said that intelligence from publicly available sources, shows that the Taliban control territory at least 60 kilometres (37 mi) into the valley.[10] The Taliban has placed the valley under siege, and journalists or goods can not come into the valley; That is why media said that is difficult to know how much control the Taliban have.[7]

One investigative report was published by BBC on 13 September; The report found that the Taliban had executed at least 20 civilians in Panjshir since they went into the valley.[11] Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid, on the other hand, denied the group had done any human rights violation in the province.[12] Journalists from Agence France-Presse were let into Panjshir on 15 September; They found many villages in the three districts they visited nearly empty; Residents told the journalists that the Taliban had executed 19 civilians between the village of Khenj and Bazarak; Residents also said that civilians were being (stopped or) prevented from escaping the province, so that civilians could be used as human shields during attacks by resistance fighters.[13]

A doctor in Panjshir told Al Jazeera that all hospitals in the province had been closed or were operating on limited supplies, except for an emergency hospital staffed by Italians.[14]

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