Natural fibre

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A natural fibre is a fibre made from natural sources, like animals or plants.

Animal fibres[change | change source]

Fibres from animal sources are wool, cashmere, fur and silk.

Wool comes from the fleece of sheep and the hair of yak, camel, alpaca, guanaco and vicuna.

Cashmere comes from cashmere goats.

Fur of various animals such as rabbit, beaver, mink and muskrat is also used as clothing.

Silk comes from silkworms, which is a large, white moth caterpillar.

Plant fibres[change | change source]

Fibres from plants include flax, ramie, hemp, cotton and jute. Coconut trees bear coconut fruits that have fibres. Coconut fibres are cleaned, smoothed and made into various dolls and toys with beads and colored threads to give them a decorative appearance.