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The castle Bourtzi

Nauplion is a Greek city. It is in the Argolida's prefecture, in the east of Peloponnese peninsula. Near Nauplio is the historical city of Argos. Nauplio was the first capital of Greece. Nauplio is a coastal city. It has three castles. The most famous are the Palamidi castle, and Bourtzi castle which is on the islet in front of the port. The population of Nauplion is 13,124 inhabitants.

History[change | change source]

Nauplion was the second capital of Greece. In 1834 the king Otto carried the capital to Athens. Nauplion was one of the first cities which were liberated during the Greek War of Independence.

Sites of interest[change | change source]


Nauplion has many sites of interest. The most interest sites are its three castle. Its old neighborhoods are also very beautiful places for visit. In Nauplion there are many old beautiful buildings from previous century.