Neues Museum

Coordinates: 52°31′14″N 13°23′52″E / 52.52056°N 13.39778°E / 52.52056; 13.39778
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Neues Museum (New Museum)
General information
LocationMuseum Insel, Berlin, Germany
AddressBodestraße 1-3, 10178 Berlin, Germany
Coordinates52°31′14″N 13°23′52″E / 52.52056°N 13.39778°E / 52.52056; 13.39778
Egyptian Court
Nefertiti bust
Berlin Gold Hat

The Neues Museum (English: New Museum) is one of the buildings on the Museuminsel (Museum Island) in Berlin. It is part of an UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Museum includes an Egyptian Museum, a papyrus collection, Museum for Pre- and Protohistory and sections of the antique collection. The museum was built between 1843 to 1855 under King Frederick William IV of Prussia. It has both Neoclassical and Renaissance Revival styles. The architecture is by Friedrich August Stüler.

The Nefertiti Bust and The Berlin Gold Hat are famous artifacts held at the museum.