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Neutrois is a gender identity. It is characterized by gender neutrality.[1] Neutrois is often translated as indifference towards gender or even lack of it as in agender.[2][3] The term is often used by those who want to show a feeling of gender dysphoria and who want or plan medical and/or social transition to have a more neutral or androgynous appearance by removing gender markers that are associated with femininity or masculinity.[4][5][6][7][8][9][10]

History and use of the term[change | change source]

Gender symbol (⚲)

In 1995, an individual named HA Burnham created the word "neutrois" as a name for a non-binary or third-gender, It was a blend word of neutral and -trois (three in French).[11][12] In February 2014, Facebook launched Neutrois as one of the 50 identity options available.[13]

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