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TypeNews website
When it was created2015
HeadquartersKhariar, Odisha, India
Area servedWorldwide
Key peopleManish Bansal (CEO)
ParentNewsTrend Network Communication Private Limited

NewsTrend.News is an Indian news and media website based in Khariar, India.[1][2] The company is operated by NewsTrend Network Communication Private Limited.[3] In 2018, was placed in the top 10 websites operated from India by London based[1]

History[change | change source]

NewsTrend was co-founded by an entrepreneur Manish Bansal and Bikash Kumar Bansal in 2015.[4][5] Since its inception the company publishes news from Odisha in Hindi and English language.[6] The company generated INR 50 million revenue through programmatic advertisement in 2017.[7] As of 2018, in Alexa, NewsTrend ranks 87 India and 927 in globally.[8]

In 2017 NewsTrend released an official app for Android users.[9]

Controversy[change | change source]

According to Times of India, " featured at number 10 in most number of visits recorded websites in India".[10] Some independent researcher has alleged the site using social media sites to promote their news contents.[11] Also,, reported peddled fake news and the company runs by the BJP IT Cell.[12] but, those things has never been proven and Newstrend has subsequently denied these allegation by issuing a statement

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