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Nezami (1141–1209)

Nezami (Hakīm Nizām ad-Dīn Abū Muhammad Ilyās ibn-Yusūf ibn-Zakī ibn-Mu'ayyid Nezāmi Ganjavi (1141–1209) Persian: نظامی گنجوی) was a Persian poet.[1][2] Nezāmi was born in Ganja, now Azerbaijan. He wrote five poetry books.[3]

In 1169/1170 the king of Darband sent him the maiden Afaq, and Nizami married her. In 1174 his son Muhammad was born. Nizami Gencevi wrote five poems. The first of them was "Sirler Xezinesi". The others are "Xosrov ve Shirin", "Leyli ve Mecnun", "Yeddi Gozel" and "Isgendername".

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