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Ngadi Chuli

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Thulagi Chuli (in center)

Ngadi Chuli is a 7,871 metres (25,823 ft) mountain in the Himalayas range, in Nepal.[1] It is also known as Peak 29, Dakura, Dakum, Dunapurna, and Gurkha Massif. It is the 20th highest mountain in the world. The first confirmed people to reach the top were Ryszard Gajewski and Maciej Pawlikowski, in 1979. Hiroshi Watanabe and Lhakpa Tsering may have made it to the top earlier, in 1970. However, they died on the way down, and their camera was damaged. So, while the other members of their expedition believed that they made it, it cannot be confirmed.[2]


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